"I have hit the Million

Dollar Club with my Agency"

- Rachel

“She helped me build my confidence to speak in front of others online and grow my client base”

- Faten

“I was able to not only become an author, but I became an International Best-selling Author, created and launched my first program”

- Sanura

I bet you’re wondering how much your investment is, right?

  • Courageous Camera Confidence is a 5-day Bootcamp for women in network marketing. Video is no longer an option if you want to grow your business online. I’m going to show you how to show up LIVE in video so that you become a ‘Celebrity’ in your industry. Having ‘Celebrity Status’ allows you to create more impact, influence, and income. ($497 Value)

“She really helps build the confidence to show up, live on purpose, and Shine. Instead of hiding and playing…”

“After working with Dorothy-Inez, I’m leveling up my business, and it feels good!”

“It was an amazing six weeks. Dorothy-Inez not only provided me with tools I needed to be successful in ‘showing up and shining’ in my videos, but she also helped me to learn more about who I am and what I am capable of.”

"She helped me build my confidence to speak in front of others online and grow my client base."


"Dorothy-Inez is a light in my life!  I have taken her training on confidence in video and was so shy to ever go onto Facebook, or any other social media for that matter, on video. But after her class and understanding that putting myself out, there wasn't about me; it was about what I could offer others, I had a mindset shift that enabled me to step out of myself and create video content to help my customers and potential customers learn what I had to offer them!  Dorothy-Inez helps women to get out and Shine! I would totally recommend her classes and coaching to any woman who is open to growing their confidence to help others!" Stephanie Weber, Independent Beauty Consultant"

Sister, I was born to be a catalyst for women like you, ready to uncover the truth and shine their own divine identity and purpose.
I am a Three-time International Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Coach who was born to make shit happen. I’m on a mission to help women just like you boldly step into their unique calling, own their voice, and truly be the woman they were called to be.


My clients are creating and developing businesses based on their divine gifts and talents, and they are leaving relationships and jobs that no longer serve them, they are gaining the clarity needed to attract their ideal clients and increase their income. 


I am literally a scientist in the area of confidence. I hold a Masters in Organizational Psychology from Azusa Pacific University.


When I am not working with clients, I am studying spirituality, watching movies, and listening to my favorite Prince music. 


...Because I care and want to help you make the most aligned decision for you, I’m answering some of the most common questions

What makes the women you’ve worked with and the testimonials I’ve seen so successful?

How much support is there available if I have questions or get stuck?​